About Us

Our vision is for every child to have a safe, stable, and nurturing home.

To effectively prevent and treat child abuse, Home Start addresses the conditions that can contribute to risky or abusive situations – poverty, unsafe neighborhoods, lack of affordable housing, and unemployment – while concurrently addressing individual self-sufficiency and emotional needs.

Guided by our mission to assure the safety and resiliency of children by strengthening families and their communities, Home Start, Inc., a non-profit child abuse prevention, and treatment agency has strengthened and developed San Diego’s families and communities since 1972.

You can support our life-changing programs by shopping at our Thrift Boutique and our Bright Futures Candle company.

Both of these businesses are social enterprises created with the intention of providing valuable job training for our clients. You might be wondering, “what’s a social enterprise?” Put simply, a social enterprise is a cause-driven business improving social objectives and serving the common good. You can be a part of it!

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